Canadian Patent No. 3,021,416        US Patent No. 10,961,699

DuROCK’s PUCCS NC is the latest addition to the PUCCS series of Exterior insulated Finish Systems. The GDDC circular grooved PUCC-ROCK virgin wool insulation board has a 10mm deep air space required by building code and professional insurers. PUCC-ROCK non-combustible insulation and its integral reinforcing mesh are simultaneously fastened to the supporting wall using DuROCK’s liquid applied WRB’s and mechanical fasteners. The PUCC-ROCK insulation board effectively forms a water-repellant gasket around each fastener. PUCC-ROCK insulation boards are face-marked at 4 inch intervals to pinpoint stud locations, which makes this system much easier and faster to install. PUCCS NC has dual reinforcing meshes for increased impact resistance. PUCCS NC liquid-applied WRB’s effectively control air leakage, yet permit vapour diffusion to the exterior. PUCCS NC can be easily detailed to direct precipitation to the exterior.