For more than 40 years, this Canadian family owned business has been a leading manufacturer of top quality products in the field of Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS), and Specialty Coatings for floors and walls. The company’s broad range of products and wall systems are subjected to extensive research and rigorous testing to ensure that they meet Canadian Building Code requirements. The company’s new, state-of-the art facility in Woodbridge, the largest of its kind in the industry, has a busy R & D department which develops innovative new products that keep DuROCK on the cutting edge of technology.


uROCK architectural coatings and Exterior Insulation Finish Systems are changing the face of architecture. More and more architects and builders are choosing acrylic coatings over conventional building systems. DuROCK Exterior Insulation Finish Systems are recognized for maximizing energy efficiency and reducing moisture penetration. These systems are virtually maintenance free and are very cost competitive. It is the flexibility of colour, shape, texture and dimension that has stimulated architects, and designers to create new and exciting modern designs.

DuROCK Exterior Insulation Finish Systems offer a freedom of design that is flexible and versatile, incorporating curves, bends and sculpted details in a variety of textures and colours. DuROCK architectural coatings are ideal for creating and capturing that rich, authentic look of fine stonework.

Nothing can impact the appearance of a home more dramatically than accent mouldings. Many architects, designers, and homeowners are moving toward period designs that include arches, accent mouldings, quoins, columns, and cornices.

Virtually every type of structure imaginable has been designed or retrofitted with DuROCK Exterior Insulation Finish Systems. Industrial facilities, hotel and retail complexes, restaurants, auditoriums, warehouses, terminal buildings, office buildings, libraries, hospitals, performing arts centers, community centers, schools, and condominiums.

For many building owners, restoration has proven to be more cost effective than demolition. DuROCK Exterior Insulation Finish Systems give a new life and style to tired old buildings. These systems have played a critical role in their renovation strategies. Architects are choosing DuROCK Exterior Insulation Finish Systems for their cost efficiency, simplicity, beauty and value.

DuROCK systems are designed to be very flexible, which makes them highly crack resistant. When walls expand or contract due to rising or falling temperatures, EIFS are resilient enough to absorb building movement, thus avoiding the unsightly cracking problems that are so common with concrete and brick exteriors.