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Duragloss (Stone Coat)

Duragloss is arguably the best trowel applied acrylic clear topcoat in the industry. Any sheen level is possible from flat to mirror finish and one can be fooled into believing that this product is of a traditional wax finish. Duragloss offers excellent protection to Venetian plaster and can be over painted if needed. Duragloss has been specially designed to mix into our Acrylic Venetian plaster which allows the applicator to render multi colored semi transparent effects. Different ratios of Acrylic Venetian plaster to Duragloss will create various levels of opacity and translucency.


DuROCK Glaze is an acrylic glaze for interior applications. With this product, an infinite variety of designs and effects can be achieved. It is ideal for use over a variety of substrates including interior walls. The acrylic polymer used provides excellent resistance to water blushing or water whitening with excellent adhesion to several substrates. This polymer also exhibits excellent dirt pick-up resistance. There is the added benefit of film hardness, and good chemical and stain resistance.

Faux Grip (Prep Coat NCP)

Fauxgrip is an aggregate adhesive used for trowel applied priming of surfaces that are difficult to ahere to such as lami- nate, metal and ceramic. This product will not shrink or crack and creates the perfect bond between difficult substrates and decorative coatings. Fauxgrip can save time and labor on projects that would typically involve very detailed prep or removal of the existing substrate

Glitterock Primer (Base Primer 100)

Glitterock Primer is a high quality silica prime coat. It is used under Glitterock Coarse but can also be used under any texture for achieving a bond between the substrate and the more textured decorative coatings. This is a flexible acrylic paint with exterior capabilities. When tinted, this Roll on primer can be taped to expose a colored grout line effect seen in stonework. This coating is often used directly over extruded cement covered Styrofoam moldings on the exterior of homes and commercial properties. Glitterock Primer can be installed by roller, brush and spray equipment.

Versilime Quartz (Airless)

Versilime Quartz is a primer for use with lime based systems but may be used anytime a high quality primer is required. This is a 100% acrylic primer with unbelievable adhesion strength. This primer can be tinted to almost any color making it great as a base under darker colors. Primer is generally considered the most important step in wall preparation and failure of paint or decorative coatings is frequently traced back to primer issues. Versilime quartz was designed to address prime coat issues making this coating a necessary addition to successful applications.