One Step Ready Mix

DuROCK One Step Ready Mix is a formulated dry-mix cement parging, leveling coat and stucco base coat that is field-mixed with water. It is a trowel-applied polymer modified cement plaster, a mixture of Portland cement, silica sand, and dry-resins. It is a versatile product that can be used as a leveling coat for conventional stucco, concrete and masonry substrates, and also as the scratch and brown coats for DuROCK Stucco Plus.One Step Ready Mix has the benefit of high-early compressive and tensile strength, with excellent freeze-thaw stability and low water absorption. It is a convenient product since it requires only water to be added on site.One Step Ready Mix contains 1/4" fibers that enhance the cohesive and adhesive strength for added durability. It is also a low-shrinkage polymer modified cement that makes it ideal for uneven leveling coats.