DuROCK & LEED Do You Think Green? DuROCK Does.

For the past thirty years the core of DuROCK's business has been EIF (exterior insulated finish) Systems, which are cost effective and energy efficient exterior claddings that save an average of more than 20% on heating and/or cooling costs every year to the end user. Using selective raw materials in product formulations has always been a priority at DuROCK, our coatings are 100% acrylic and non-hazardous. DuROCK re-invests a portion of its revenues every year back into research and development, and makes every effort to develop products that maximize environmental and indoor air quality, have low VOC content, as well as a high percentage of recycled raw materials and components.

B eing environmentally conscious was the key factor in the design of DuROCK's manufacturing facility seven years ago, enabling us to constantly monitor and improve our manufacturing processes to ensure we maximize efficiency and minimize the use of energy. Complete with 14 dry silo's and 7 liquid bulk storage tanks, our facility can hold millions of pounds of raw material product, which significantly reduces the packaging, landfill and fuel costs along with minimizing transportation-related pollution by our suppliers. Our underground water purification system cleans and filters the waste water once we have rinsed our mixing tanks so that the sands can be re-cycled. DuROCK also encourages clients to recycle used buckets and skids in and effort to reduce waste in our everyday business. DuROCK is continually working towards a 'greener' future.