InsulROCK The Finest Quality Exterior Insulation and Finish System.

InsulROCK/Commercial & High Rise Construction

The DuROCK series of InsulROCK EIFS provides moisture control through the use of a secondary barrier to moisture intrusion, which may also be used to control air leakage. This barrier, combined with the system's ability to drain incidental moisture, makes InsulROCK EIFS well suited for cladding buildings of any size.The DuROCK InsulROCK System is intended for use on non-wood substrates. This system may incorporate either DuROCK Cement Bear (air/moisture barrier) or, where the design permits, DuROCK Vapour Block.

InsulROCK NC/Walls Requiring Non-Combustible Cladding

The DuROCK InsulROCK Non-Combustible System is intended for use on walls where the building code does not permit the use of foamed plastic (ie. polystyrene) insulation. This typically applies to walls in close proximity to a property line or another building.